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 custom built to ride.

a pretty bike with worn out parts is just an ornament; my philosophy is to build a good foundation - renew cables, upgrade brake lines to braided with stainless connections - with pads, chain and sprockets, bearings and seals all renewed, the creation begins to take shape. fasteners, clips and brackets are replaced in stainless steel or alloy. good looks with added security and durability.

the next level can include refurbished wheels from a powdercoat up to new rim, stainless spokes and fancy brakes. suspension upgrades follow with refurbished vintage to modern performance parts, conversion to twinshock and vice versa, with sexier swingarms and cute tail loops thrown in.

diehards can commission hardtail rear end or full rigid frame, while the more sporty can have retro

style café racer featherbed or modern equivalent. bespoke setups will have handmade yokes and controls.


tanks, seat and bodywork can be fashioned to incorporate new handmade with modified classic components, whereas exhausts will, unless specified,  be made from scratch in stainless steel.

paint is a personal choice and the design will indicate the material; for frame and components that take the hits, abrasive cleaning and strong, flexible powdercoat is the finish of choice.

electrics will be sorted as required, from tidy up to complete rewire with a much simplified system installed.

the true bobber is not a modified bike in terms of adding fancy parts, more a statement of biking intent; the garbage of racks, silencers and engine cowling thrown away; essential stuff like fenders, sets and lights cut down to the minimum ie bobbed

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