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big or standard bore exhausts are custom deigned to fit the bike style; headers and end cans fashioned from brushed stainless steel with mig welded joints and mountings.

non-ferrous brackets and clamps are precision cut using waterjet or laser.

XT TT SR big bore stainless exhaust
Harley Sportster stainless exhaust system
custom bobber calliper mounting bracket
BMW rear cable conversion

wheels can be sourced and adapted to axle size and brake systems. Alternatively new wheels built using stainless spokes and polished or painted hubs and rims.

we have a bespoke system for adapting bmw rear hubs to take aftermarket rims.

Custom wheel build flattracker bobber cafe racer

tyres are important and my cred is performance first then looks.

I don't use or recommend  those old balloon style rubbers; when it's raining or you're riding fast you want the best as nobody looks cool in hospital

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