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i'm chris daniels, a committed gearhead and shedbike builder. beginning with my wreck of a ducati 160 when i was twelve, i’ve never stopped learning and loving how to make bikes individual. so now after years of distraction, raising family, conserving our heritage and generally wasting time, i've decided to be a bike builder when I grow up; so this is the start…

customizing bikes isn’t taught, it’s learned through practice and experience; bringing a bike together involves skills that at a basic level will do for most, but sometimes only the best is good enough, so i use some of the best, including but not limited to these people:

welding and joining metal has been mike david’s game for fifty years, on everything from vintage cars to flying aircraft. he also designs and builds unique classic scramblers, reverse head triumphs with welded in husqvarna gearboxes, for his successful mx team.

mr marsh is a well-kept secret, fabricating aluminium tanks and bodywork for competition and touring bikes, his skills are much sought after; luckily i have years of favors to cash in. a classic scrambler, he builds and races his own steeds.

talon engineering is world renowned in motorcycle competition for precision engineering and superb wheel building; they’re good, they’re just up the road and they’re mates.

the array of skilled and experienced support allows me to build bikes that shine on the road and power the soul

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