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desert sled – retro budget build

the cost of a complete makeover can sometimes run too high for it to happen all at once so it makes sense to stage it. this chunky xs650 yamaha was ordered on a limited budget, with the option to upgrade [alloy rims, pricier lights etc] as funds become available.

after being stripped down and the frame cleaned and detabbed, all the work only needed once was carried out

engine cleaned and casings, alloy mudguards and tank were polished to a gentle satin, all fasteners swapped for stainless and the carbs refurbished.

big bore tt pipes were fabricated from stainless, welds left for a future grind and polish, aircraft alloy clamps and discrete hidden baffles to give a healthy bark.

18 and 19 inch wire wheels from an earlier model were sourced, refurbished with new bearings and seals, then shod with chunky trail rubber.


fuel is carried in a reworked and de-dented alloy tank from an xt500, with new mounts and outlet welded on, butting up to this is an off the shelf seat sat over the battery/air box fabricated in aluminium using patinated metal..

shaved fork legs were polished to match and sit in decluttered yokes with gps speedo in marmisto mount, with a stainless mounted headlight. bars are extra fat tapered competition with internal wiring, new brake and clutch butt up to cleaned original switch gear and chunky karate rubber grips.

new, simplified wiring allows the bike to run with or without a battery.

paint and stickers were applied over the polished tank and airbox to give a suitable retro effect.

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